Roxanne Paris- Lead Vocal and Songwriter

Roxanne Paris was born and raised in Montreal, QC, Canada where she always dreamed of being a star mainly a famous singer. Her versatility lead her to do many theatre productions during her high school years, as well as intensive dance course in many genres. Moreover, she took private singing lessons. Art has always been part of her life, her passion, singing is her way of escaping and feeling better. She often been compared to artist such as Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Hayley Willams and Lzzy Hale. Spontaneous and energetic, she rock the scene with all her heart out.

Yuri B. Beaulieu- Drummer, Back vocals and Songwriter

Born in 1997 in Laval, Yuri B. Beaulieu picked up the drums at the age of 9 only to drop out and start again at age 15. His music passion grew with time. At age 19, he joined a local punk band. During six months, he played some gigs around Canada. Due to medical reasons, he decided to leave said band. Subsequently, he decided to form Honest Honesty, the drummer came up with the name at first. The idea came to him when he felt sick of dishonest people, exclaiming all he wanted was some damn ‘’honest honesty’’, the name stuck to him.

Alex Canuel – Bassist / Songwriter

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Sebastien Marois – Guitarist,  Back vocals and Songwriter

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